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Re: [pronut-hiv] AIDS Patients Surpass ARVs (3)

  • From: "Africa Youth Ministries - Uganda" <>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 15:43:17 +0300

Stacia, Thank you for the correction. The true fact is People Living with AIDS!

----- "Kristof & Stacia Nordin" wrote:

Hello Albert - do you mean living with AIDS or HIV?

Generally about 10-20 percent of those living with HIV are in need of ARVs -
so if you meant 60,000 are living with HIV, we could guess that 6,000-12,00
are in need of ARVs. In EITHER case, your 500 people on ARVs is probably
falling far short of the need!

I just wanted to highlight that about 50,000 of the number you mention (if I guessed correctly that they are HIV positive) would not be our target for
ARVs but instead for INTENSIVE nutrition counselling and support. Helping
them grow / buy diets that assist HIV and preparing them for times of
illness and strategies for dealing with them.

Of course NUTRITION interventions are KEY for everyone, HIV negative and HIV positive (with or without AIDS stage).

(I've been out of town, sorry if if someone has already raised this point!)


----- "ProNut-HIV"wrote:

>>From [afro-nets]
> AIDS Patients Surpass ARVs
> --------------------------
> Dear Forum,
> Greetings. Keep this reality discussion in motion. I am involved
> in community based projects helping and caring for PLWHA. We
> have a presence in Rakai District where the 1st HIV case was
> identified in Uganda in 1982, equally the District has been
> badly devastated by the AIDS epidemic.
> Apparently, the confirmed & tested number of people living with
> AIDS in the District are 60,000 but only 500 people out 60,000
> are receiving ARV's. Worse to note, the people who are on ARV's
> cannot afford the minimum required nutrition support for people
> on ARV's, and further the available clinics for ARV's support
> adults only, neglecting children who are HIV positive. In Rakai
> District the number of Children who are HIV positive are just
> too many.
> We have visited various families where the fathers and mothers
> have been living with the HIV virus for over 10 years but they
> have never stopped to produce children. You will find they have
> had about 5 children since they got infected and all these chil-
> dren are HIV positive. Which means there are more children liv-
> ing with HIV/AIDS than adults. You may visit our web site on the
> situation in Rakai at
> Yours,
> Albert Kunihira
> Country Director
> Africa Youth Ministries
> P.O. Box 20029, Kampala, Uganda
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