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[pronut-hiv] Comprehensive Care Across the Continuum

  • From: "Pronut-HIV" <>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 16:33:21 -0400

Comprehensive Care Across the Continuum

In an effort to address this issue WHO and others have, for the past
decade, been promoting the concept of "Comprehensive Care Across the
Continuum". This approach aims to link a network of providers and
services to comprehensively address the care needs of PLHA and their
caregivers in a range of environments. Comprehensive care should also
include referrals between home or community and the hospital, and vice
versa, effective discharge planning, and appropriate follow-up. As far
as possible, the approach should consist of four interrelated elements
(6) :-

Clinical Management, including early diagnosis and rational treatment
of HIV-related illnesses and follow-up care

Nursing Care to promote and maintain hygiene, nutrition and infection
control, to provide palliative care and health education to home carers

Counselling, including psychosocial support to PLHA and their families,
to reduce stress and anxiety, to promote positive living and risk
reduction strategies, and to empower individuals to make informed
choices for their futures

Social Support, including material assistance, information and
referral, linking into support groups and services.

The continuum of care was envisaged as a dynamic set of support
services that PLHA and their families can access. It should be noted
that this is an idealised situation; the approach adopted in a
particular country will depend on the prevailing needs of patients and
the realities of health care provision.