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  • From: "Alassane Abeidy Diakite" <>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 14:20:41 -0000

Dear Mr. Hakuzimana,

Thank you for the brief on your organization. It sounds like a very cool
idea generated from the continent. I am a Mauritania working for a USG
agency. I am very drawn to Rwanda and am interested in knowing what can I
do to assist Rwanda QOL Centre.

Best regards,

Alassane Abeidy Diakite
Associate Peace Corps Director/Health
BP 222, Nouakchott, Mauritania
+222 525 16 83 (Office Phone)
+222 525 19 29 (Office Fax)
+222 658 60 93 (GSM)

----- Alex wrote:

You will not get surprised for I am familiar with our
I am a young doctor and investigator in quality of life and
health-related quality of life and based in Rwanda.
I would like to present you in brief terms our organisation


Rwanda Quality of Life Centre, a very young organization in
the country and the region, was born on April 1, 2004.
The idea came from Alex Hakuzimana. He begged his
support and these did not hesitate to reinforce his
With no delay, the young doctors, most of them if not all
being of the same class within the National University of
Rwanda Faculty of Medicine got at once into act. Being
aware of the trend society is facing with regard to their health
care in particular and their development in general, the
class, with their well known historical devotion and
convinced will, decided to create the organization.
Working in network with organizations, institutions, and
individuals specialized in health-related quality of life
field, Rwanda Quality of Life Centre has the key goal of
promoting health and quality of life in the region.


Our mission is to promote quality of life of Rwandans and
their neighbors in general and of chronically ill people in
particular by disseminating information about quality of
life throughout the country, the region, the continent and over
the world and enhancing quality of life research.


The goal of the Centre is to serve society and its members
A. Increasing awareness of and helping provide solutions to
safety and health hazards within the Rwandan society
through cooperation with various other quality of life
B. Promoting research on QOL by encouraging especially
young investigators to get actively involved in the matter;
C. Translating QOL instruments from foreign languages into
local languages ;
D. Promoting and facilitating professional and scientific
exchanges as well as projects and extracurricular trainings
for its members and healthcare professionals, thereby
sensitizing them to the importance of the quality of life
in the development of the society ;
E. Providing a link between members, quality of life
associations and international organizations, and to
encourage the cooperation between them for the ultimate
benefit of society.


The centre is an independent and not for profit
organization of volunteers willing to help society promote their quality
of life.


The Centre:
I. pursues its aims without political, religious, social,
racial, national, sexual or any other discrimination;
II. promotes humanitarian ideals among its members;
III. respects the autonomy of its members

NB: Some of our activities can be found on our website will
find that we interested first in HIV infection. We did not
ignore other diseases, but we are drafting protocols for other
chronic diseases although funding difficulty remains a
crucial hindrance for the success of our ambition.
Protocol projects for tuberculosis with its DOTS, malaria
with its devastating trend in our settings,
So do not hesitate to contact us for more information and
your feedback is welcome. Moreover, as obvious, no
scientific work can succeed without network, collaboration,
communication and partnership.
So, I would like to tell to anyone who will feel interested
in our activities to contact via the email or or our European
We would like to promote quality of life research in Africa
and need any support of its nature.
And international organisations experienced in the domain
and let us mention the International Society for Quality of
Life Research(ISOQOL), the International Society for
Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), MAPI
Values,and International Society for Quality of Life Studies
(ISQOLS) have been encouraging such project.
So I invite you all interested and enthusiastic to join the
Rwandan team.

Rwanda QOL Centre, President and Co-founder
P O Box 6471
City of Kigali
Phone : +25008570008
Home page:

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